Personal Life

Today, I got a text right after I woke up from a really good nap. It was long, it started with, “Zan, I’m so sorry to do this…” I instantly knew. Boy, I wish I could go back to sleep. Who knew I’d go to sleep taken and wake up single? Amazing.

I put a lot into this relationship. I made sure I was the best girlfriend. But I saw this coming. I saw this break up coming. I saw that this was going to happen.

I did have hope, though. I had hope that we would last. How silly of me.

So, our two months end.

The news is still setting in, but I will not forget that moment I opened that text.

I close the book with a heavy heart.

The end of an era.

About Celestial Symphony

I’ve been thinking a lot of the plot. It didn’t flow natrually anymore. I was forcing myself to put points together. So I changed the plot.

It works better. So much better. Does it fit the title anymore? I think so. I’m very lucky to have been able to change a plot that still fits with the title. Very lucky.

But now, I can start a new book as we reach the sixth month of 2017.

I open a new book with a lighter heart.

The start of a new era.


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